Barbour wins straw poll in S.C.

The first victory of 2012 came in Charleston Co. South Carolina. In the words of Rush Limbaugh, see, I told you so.


Haley visits gun shop in N.H.

Haley is from Yazoo City Mississippi. He was raised around guns and people will understand he supports the 2nd Amendment.

Former Reagan White House Political Director, former Republican party chairman, former Republican Governor’s Association chairman, and current Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour now has the support of the executive branch of Ohio. Congrats Governor Barbour. He is the first governor to publicly support a potential GOP candidate. Also, Governor Barbour’s nephew and rumored future RNC chairman Henry Barbour said on his twitter feed that the Governor was running wind sprints this morning. We’ll see if the other candidates will be able to keep up when the bell rings. Will be posting a N.H. post real soon.

Haley’s family

There have now been articles about Marsha, Sterling, and Reeves Barbour. When the press has examined every member of your immediate family, it becomes clear that Haley will be the party’s nominee. Look for more and more press about Haley and his family. This just shows the increasing interest and viability of the Barbour capaign for President.

Barbour bests all other GOP candidates in Ms.

In a recent poll, Mississippi Governor and potential 2012 GOP nominee Haley Barbour beat all other GOP candidates for the nomination in Mississippi. Simply put, this means that the more people know Haley, the more they prefer him to other candidates. This week, he will have visited three Southern states and New Hampshire. Haley is really hustling. His campaign blitz this past month and a half has been serious. Keep up the good work, Governor.

Florida and Haley

The panhandle of Florida is basically and extension of Mississippi. I along with many other Mississippians have been visiting the Florida coast our whole lives. Needless to say, Mississippians have longstanding contacts from Destin to Key West and everywhere in between. Haley will be in Florida this weekend with Sally Bradshaw. Many politico’s know that Sally was Jeb Bush’s top lieutenant prior to joing Haley’s Pac. She also worked for Romney in 2008. Now she’s with Haley, and this weekend they will be showing Florida why Haley will win. Make no mistake – Florida is Barbour Country and this is true for the rest of the South. More to follow.

Two week press run

Haley is about to have a nice press run after visiting Florida this weekend and New Hampshire April 13-14. This will be nearing to the time he will announce. It’s about to get serious. Looking forward to it.