The private sector creates jobs. The GOP is the party that typically promotes capitalism. Lobbyists help businesses navigate government. GOP voters have a natural affinity to anyone who helps capitalism and business growth. Therefore, in my mind, they will have a natural draw towards the governor. Lobbyists have helped build this country…just like doctors, plumbers, and electricians. Lobbyists pay their taxes and are regulated just like every other profession under the IRS tax code. While the press may treat them as sub-human, the voters aren’t that concerned. We elected him in Mississippi, despite millions of dollars spent explaining why Haley was a bad person for serving as a link between the public and private sector. The “Haley is bad” because he was a lobbyist jusy doesn’t work. Don’t take my opinion – ask the Mississippi voters and the other Governors who selected him to chair the RGA. Once again, the articles about lobbyists show me that the press is seriously interested in the Governor. As each day passes more and more people are believing Haley Will Win. Stick around – you will too.