Haley will be back in New Hampshire April 13-14

I don’t see why New Hampshire is defacto Romneyville – because it’s not. Haley is good in small groups and actually prefers them. Romney – not so much. Haley will provide a nice, plain spoken plan to get Americans excited about our economic future.


The next month

Governor Barbour will be announcing soon. It is important that if you would like to see Haley win, tell your neighbors that Mississippi and America would benefit from his low taxes high jobs approach. With Haley, what you see is what you get. Lower taxes, more jobs, and a Reaganite. What more could the GOP want?

Haley saw it coming

There are ten states that matter in 2012. Out of those ten states, nine of them now have Republican governors. Haley helped each get elected and intentionally targeted those states back in 2010. He has a pulse on those states, their GOTV mechanisms, and the people who vote. It can happen. Haley will win.

Obama can not win Florida

1. Southern state = Haley
2. Hispanic vote = Haley (lobbying work will help here)
3. Jeb likes Haley; Rubio likes Haley

More to follow…

Budget battle trend shows Haley is needed

If you haven’t followed every legislative session of Governor Barbour, don’t worry because I have. And what I an tell you is this – for all seven years (budget years to date) Haley has been governor he has gotten nearly all of his proposals passed. From coast to coast (and now in D.C.) state budgets are uo in the air. The Executive branch usually has the lead in creating budgets and lobbying for their passage and implementation thereof. You have to win the budget war before it is waged. In order to do this, you need to know where the legislators stand, legislative procedure, and most importanly – the will of the people. These elements are fulfilled by a guy like Haley who has vast budget experience and success. Don’t take my word for it – ask any legislator in Jackson.


Doing a twitter feed search on Haley shows one major indicator that Haley is rising in popularity – nasty comments about the Governor. These are the same kinds of comments leveled at Obama prior to his presidency. The fact that Haley is experiencing this type of chatter is in fact, a positive indicator of his rise. Remember – no press is bad press.

Chris Mathews: Haley has key to White House

Yesterday while speaking overseas, Chris Mathews of Hardball fame stated that “Haley has the key to the Whitehouse.” He said this because Haley was liked by the tea party members, but he wasn’t a tea member. Mathews said this unique situation gave Haley the key to the White House. Believe it or not, look for more good things about Haley from Mathews.